The dissemination of all official announcements regarding a University position or policy on a matter of public interest will be coordinated through the Division of Marketing & Communications. Such announcements may be made in a news release, a media advisory, an Administrative Memo e-mail, a news conference or another appropriate format. No academic or administrative unit is authorized to present an official University position or policy on any matter without prior consultation with the Division of Marketing & Communications.

Office of Media Communications

The Office of Media Communications in the Division of Marketing & Communications is the central dissemination point for all University news releases, media advisories, statements and related content. One of the primary objectives of the Office of Media Communications is to promote the University of Georgia by effectively communicating its goals, objectives, successes and priorities focusing on institutional strategic communications themes.

Specific responsibilities of the Office of Media Communications include:

  • disseminating news releases and/or related content for research grants carrying a compelling news hook, in collaboration with the Office of the Vice President for Research.
  • disseminating news releases and/or related content for private gifts carrying a compelling news hook, in collaboration with the Office of the Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations.
  • disseminating news releases on administrative appointments as appropriate. Announcements about other key administrative appointments shall be disseminated to Columns.
  • formatting submitted news releases in accordance with the UGA Style Guide and edit releases in accordance with Associated Press and UGA style guides.

Event releases of local interest will be sent to the media by approved unit communication coordinators according to review and approval procedures in their individual unit. UGA’s Office of Media Communications will send releases only for events of broad institutional importance such as major school or unit events and university-wide events including commencements, groundbreakings and major academic, research or teaching events.

General Exceptions

Except under certain circumstances, no administrative or academic unit should send a news release, media advisory, statement or related content directly to news media; these materials should be sent to the Office of Media Communications for appropriate editing and distribution. Exceptions to this policy are:

  • Releases from the University athletic department, except those involving major personnel appointments, policy decisions or fundraising matters, which shall be coordinated through the Division of Marketing & Communications.
  • Releases from the Cooperative Extension Service containing instructional information and guidance.
  • Book announcements from UGA Press.

Practices for Engagement with News Media

All direct contact with news media organizations — including proactive engagement with and follow up from the media — should come through the Office of Media Communications. In addition, news media inquiries should be forwarded to the Office of Media Communications at for a coordinated response.

General exceptions include:

  • Faculty discussing their scholarly expertise with the news media. They are encouraged to inform the Office of Media Communications so that the office can track media coverage. 
  • Media engagement by the University of Georgia Athletic Association.

Other exceptions to this practice — including engagement with industry-specific media — should be discussed in advance directly with Greg Trevor, associate vice president for marketing and communications, or Rod Guajardo, director for integrated media communications.


ArchNews is a set of all-inclusive central email lists for distributing official information from the University of Georgia administration to all active UGA faculty, staff and students.

Inaugurated in March 2002, ArchNews provides announcements of information important to the university community. It will be used sparingly and only for the most important University-wide announcements. 

UGA students, faculty and staff are automatically added to ArchNews lists once they are affiliated with the university.

ArchNews postings are made and authorized by UGA Marketing & Communications. Suggestions for postings should be made to your supervisor and upward through the administrative organization. 

ArchNews List files are updated on a nightly basis using according to this criteria.

Medical Partnership faculty, staff, and students are included in ArchNews Faculty, ArchNews Staff, ArchNews Faculty and Staff,  ArchNews Student, ArchNews Eligible Students, and the ArchNews listservs. 

If you have any questions regarding ArchNews, please contact UGA Marketing & Communications at 706-542-8090.