The purpose of this policy is to outline guidelines for the use of outdoor temporary signage by University of Georgia departments and units. Temporary signage is defined as any sign placed on campus to designate University of Georgia related events, announcements, and related way finding. These signs are intended to be used for a limited amount of time and not to be used in place of standard signage.


This outdoor signage policy is applicable only to UGA departments and units. Use of temporary signage by student organizations or external entities is not permitted. Temporary signage is only permitted for the purpose of promoting university related events or activities. Requests for exceptions to this policy or issues not explicitly addressed in this policy are to be referred to the Campus Environs Review Committee.

Conditions of use

Sign Design

The preferred sign support for temporary signage is the “H” shaped wire frame. Panels for this signage must not exceed 18 x 24 inches.

Visual Content

  • All graphics will be subject to approval in order to ensure coordination with UGA’s brand objectives.
  • Content may include the name or logo of the sponsoring university unit, department, school, or college. Logos can be downloaded from https://brand.uga.edu/downloads/.
  • If a University of Georgia logo is used, policies regarding the use of trademarks shall be observed. For more information on trademarks policies, please visit https://brand.uga.edu/trademarks-and-licensing/.
  • Temporary signage may promote university-related events or activities but may not display corporate logos.
  • Temporary signage may not be used for commercial advertising or political messaging.
  • Temporary signage pertaining to events on campus must reference finite events (those with a starting and ending time) and not ongoing events.

Placement of Signs

  • Placement preference of signs will be given to the occupants or scheduled user of those buildings.
  • Signs should be located near the building/venue of the event promoted by the sign.
  • Signs placement should not detract from the pleasing appearance of campus.
  • Signs are to be placed no less than 100 feet apart and no more than 20 signs per event or activity should be placed on campus.
  • Placement of signs must not create any safety hazard, or interfere with pedestrian and vehicular traffic
  • Placement of signs must not cause damage to shrubs, plants, or landscaped areas.
  • Signs must not obstruct any permanent signage, doors, or windows.
  • Signs must not be attached to buildings, other structures, or landscape elements such as fences, trees, etc.
  • Placement of signs should minimize interference with grounds crews responsible for keeping campus cleaned and groomed.
  • Signs placed in areas adjacent to campus and not on University of Georgia property are subject to Athens-Clarke County requirements.

Duration of Sign Placement

  • Temporary signs can be put in place no more than one week before an event or activity and must be removed within 24 hours after event/activity.

Removal of Signs

It is the responsibility of the department placing or hosting temporary signs to coordinate removal of signs. Any temporary signage not removed from campus in a timely manner by the sponsoring department will be removed by FMD personnel at the sponsoring department’s expense. Department must provide chart string should removal charges be needed. Signs violating this policy will be removed without notice. The University of Georgia is not responsible for damaged or stolen signs.


  1. Submit a Temporary Signage Request Form

    Submit a Temporary Signage Request Form at least two weeks prior to the desired date of installation. Requests made with fewer than two weeks’ notice can be considered if time permits for the review process.

  2. Wait for approval

    The Division of Marketing & Communications will review and respond within 3 business days. All requests may be subject to review by the Vice President for Marketing & Communications. If needed, requests will be shared with the Campus Environs Review Committee for additional input.

  3. Set up and take down signs

    Once approved, the requesting unit will be responsible for placing and removing signs.

Please contact temporarysignage@uga.edu with any questions or concerns.