To protect the educational nature of university websites and to preserve their primary role in support of the university’s mission, commercial advertising is prohibited on the domain or any website being hosted using university resources, with delineated exceptions including Georgia Magazine.

Sponsors may be acknowledged on official university sites related to university-sponsored artistic or cultural programs, conferences or special events. These acknowledgements must be supported by a written agreement between the sponsor and the university entity that specifies a limited term, typically concluding with the end of an event or series.

Acknowledgements may include the sponsor’s corporate name or logo but should not imply endorsement of the product or service by the university. Acknowledgements may not include a call to action or comparison.

Sponsors are not permitted to display university marks on their web sites without prior written consent from the University of Georgia’s Licensing Trademark Program.

Official university sites covered by this policy may acknowledge business partnerships for services provided at no cost that assist the university in achieving its mission as, for example, access to an online research service or a search engine. Otherwise, all the provisions for sponsorships apply to partnerships, except that logos or company name may be hyperlinked to the service provided.

Vendors who provide web-based services for the university are prohibited from including their company name or logo within the delivered product.