Accuracy and Timeliness of Information

While deans, directors, unit and department heads or respective designees of University schools, colleges, divisions, departments and units are responsible for reviewing, clearing and maintaining information posted on University sites, site developers are ultimately responsible for page information.  Web developers are responsible for following University policies and local, state and federal laws to ensure that information on University Web sites is accurate, current and represents the University,  the Board of Regents and the State of Georgia in a professional manner.

Information on official University Web sites should be accurate as of the date prepared, and the Division of Marketing & Communications disclaims any duty or obligation to update this information or any news releases not prepared by the office.  The Division of Marketing & Communications also makes every attempt to work from authoritative sources and ensure that information on Web sites is as current as possible, but the office cannot and does not warrant that the information on a site is absolutely current. Individual Web sites have modification dates that can be used as guides to the timeliness of the data; however, the Division of Marketing & Communications cannot warrant that no changes have been made to the source information since that date. Information contained in a news release or other document about companies or organizations other than those affiliated with the University should not be relied upon as being provided or endorsed by the University.