Columns is a faculty and staff newspaper published on a predetermined schedule developed prior to the beginning of the academic year, generally weekly during the academic year and biweekly during the summer. Columns is designed to keep faculty and staff current on issues that relate to the University of Georgia. The readership for the publication averages about 11,000 persons per issue during the academic year. Thirty-eight issues are produced each fiscal year.  Columns is produced in accordance with the following policies:

  • Columns is published on Monday of each week during the academic year, at least once monthly in May and twice monthly in June and July. An issue is produced in August before the academic year publication schedule begins. Exceptions: Holidays and class breaks.
  • News items must be submitted to Columns two weeks in advance of the publication date in which the items are to appear.
  • Columns articles and information must be written in accordance with Associated Press and UGA style guides.
  • Faculty/staff opinion pieces for the "Forum" section of Columns shall be submitted to a committee for approval before being published in Columns. The committee consists of representation from University Council and Staff Council.