Guidelines for working with the Photographic Services department

The Photographic Services staff should have access to all public and student areas when conducting business that promotes the university.  Such areas include classrooms, dining halls, residence halls and student centers. The Photographic Services staff will make every effort to contact units in advance  of a photo shoot, but news events and other situations may make advance notice impractical. Clients requesting photography services should provide at least two weeks  advance notice for routine requests and three weeks notice for out-of-town assignments.

An experienced designer or art director should communicate a publication's photographic needs to the photo staff. Requests for photography services for school, college and unit publications should include a comprehensive story and photo budget for the publication. This budget should include photo proof and final image deadlines, story outlines and rough draft copy if available, along with general art direction and layout needs for the images. Unit requests for assignment photography and imaging must include a state account to which services can be charged.  Personal payments from individuals are due in advance of work being performed.

Although the Photographic Services staff attempts to be proactive in photographing general stock images of campus, clients should plan their photographic needs well in advance, taking into account such factors as availability of students and seasonal appearance of the campus.