Logo Policy

The University of Georgia identity policy serves as a visual representation of the character of the institution. The logo system and associated policies give the University a consistent visual image that enables audiences to recognize the institution and to clearly identify specific policies associated with the University.

The identity policy incorporates several University of Georgia attributes as specified by the original Identity Policy Committee: history and tradition through the use of the Arch; the founding date of the University; and the colors red, black and silver gray. Academics are recognized through use of the words "The University of Georgia."

This logo system was adopted in 1989 to replace the myriad logos and symbols used by the hundreds of departments, academic units, offices and divisions of the University. The University has registered the logo system designs as trademarks; they may not be modified or adapted without approval. Digital high-resolution logos may be downloaded from a public-use Web site.

Exceptions to the established identity policies must be approved before any use. Requests should be submitted in writing to the Vice President for the Division of Marketing & Communications (286 Oconee Street, Suite 200 North or karri@uga.edu) Separately incorporated organizations, such as the Athletic Association, are encouraged to use the UGA logo system when appropriate, although the Bulldog and "G" remain the symbols of Georgia athletics. For licensing information concerning the Athletics "Big G" logo or the mascot, contact the UGA Athletic Association, 706-542-9039,  or e-mail edeitz@sports.uga.edu.

Please visit http://styleguide.uga.edu/index.php?/entries/logo_guide_and_downloads for a full description of the logos.

The UGA brand is one of the University's most valuable intangible assets. The following guidelines will help maintain the integrity of UGA's identity.

  • The symbols of the logo system cannot be modified or altered in any way. Do not tilt or slant the logos. Do not add drop shadows, or layer other graphics or type over the official logo.
  • Logos must be reproduced in official colors in approved combinations.
  • No competing departmental, school, college or other logos or symbols may appear on official University of Georgia letterhead or stationery items.
  • The words "The University of Georgia" must appear on the front cover of all University publications, and one of the logos must appear on or within each publication, preferably on front or back or title page.
  • Logos should not be reduced below minimum size to maintain legibility.

For information  on accessing  a different format than provided above, or  advice on special logo usage, contact:

Janis D. Gleason, Executive Director for Marketing & Communications
The University of Georgia | Division of Marketing & Communications
286 Oconee Street, Suite 200 North