Master Calendar

The Division of Marketing & Communications maintains the University Master Calendar of events and activities. The complete Master Calendar, which extends several years into the future, is available on the home page of the University Web site and is accessible through a daily link in eGaMorning. A two-week calendar is also published in Columns.

The Master Calendar includes only events and activities that are sponsored by, or affiliated with, a University unit or a registered student organization, and are open to the general public. The calendar will not include regularly scheduled meetings of organizations except those carrying individual programs of particular university-wide scope. Items for the calendar can be submitted through Web interface and should be submitted as far in advance of the date of the event as possible to help preclude conflicting scheduling of events.

It is the responsibility of deans, directors and department heads sponsoring major campus events such as lectures, performances, and similar events of campus-wide interest to consult the master calendar in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts with other such events sponsored by other units.