Photographic Imaging Guidelines for all UGA Units

The following guidelines may be helpful to all units planning use of photographs and other images:

  • Use only professional quality images on Web pages, in print pieces and news releases. Refer to the Photography Tips & Techniques page ( Tips and Techniques.html) for additional details.
  • Provide high resolution download as an option for any image used to promote or illustrate a news story.
  • High resolution digital files should be
    • at least 5 x 7 @ 300dpi.;
    • RGB Color, not CMYK;
    • AdobeRGB color space if possible; if not, sRGB color space;
    • devoid of any sharpen or image manipulation (unless labeled as an illustration).
  • Limit the practice of attaching images to e-mails.  Do not send Tiff files via e-mail; send only jpegs in a compressed file size less than 3MB.
  • When possible, provide Web links to high-resolution files.
  • Digital Image file names should contain no spaces or slashes, and may be case sensitive on the Web.
  • Any images submitted for news releases should include a rights and permissions form.