Procedures for Processing Requests Under the Open Records Law

The law requires that records requested under the Open Records law be provided to the requestor by the third business day after the request is filed. Thus, it is imperative that any employee receiving a request for records held under his/her individual or departmental responsibility immediately notify the Open Records manager in the Division of Marketing & Communications by calling 706-542-8090.  The Open Records manager will contact the requestor directly to determine more precisely what they want to know, and will work with them to determine which records will best provide the information they seek.  The Open Records manager will then contact the administrator responsible for those records to determine if they exist, how voluminous they are and how much time may be required to search and assemble them.

If the answer is a simple one and the records minimal, the Open Records manager will try to respond immediately and completely on the first day.  For more complicated requests, the manager will notify the requestor of the existence of the records and the cost of searching, assembling and copying them, and determine if the requestor wishes to proceed. If so, the manager will notify the department to assemble the records and provide them to the Division of Marketing & Communications as quickly as possible.

The University by policy will notify employees whose performance evaluations or personnel records are being released under an Open Records request.

The Georgia Open Records Act does not specify any particular records that must be maintained for a specific period of time (although other federal and state laws do impose such time requirements).  However, once they are the subject of a request, no record or document can be erased, shredded or otherwise disposed of under penalty of law.