Resource and Asset Management

EITS will provide the technical support for Web sites designed and developed by the Division of Marketing and Communications Web group.  Such support may include, but is not limited to, oversight of the technical architecture, permissions, security, database administration, Web site administration and possible creation of plug-in applications. Depending on service level agreements with EITS and vendor contracts, the Web group shall either perform these activities or supervise them. Work expected of the Web group shall be assessed and approved by EITS.

The Division of Marketing and Communications Web group, with input from EITS, will determine the use of any tools and technology to manage the comprehensive University of Georgia's Web presence.

The Web group develops intranets and extranets to share, distribute and archive information; offers a range of expertise, tools and use of emerging technologies; adapts skills and upgrades products to meet changing needs and technologies; and customizes and develops applications to suit each unit's goals and missions, thus making the applications available to other units within the University.