Speaking for the Institution

The Vice President for the Division of Marketing & Communications, or his designee(s) in the Division of Marketing & Communications, is the official University spokesperson for conveying institutional policies, positions and decisions to the public.  No faculty or staff member, or administrator below the level of vice president, should make official statements on behalf of the University without consultation with the Vice President for the Division of Marketing & Communications.

The University encourages faculty and staff members who have specialized scholarly or professional knowledge or expertise about a topic of public interest to provide information or commentary about their area of expertise to the media so long as they do not represent themselves as presenting an official institutional position on the matter. Such information can be provided through media interviews, personal columns, letters, recorded commentaries, or similar methods.  Faculty and staff who are contacted by media for information or commentary are encouraged to inform the Division of Marketing & Communications of such contact.

In certain instances, a faculty or staff member or administrator with specialized knowledge or expertise on a particular topic or issue may be authorized by the administration to speak in an official capacity on behalf of the institution.  Those so authorized should ensure in advance with  appropriate University officials that their comments will accurately represent the University's official position on the matter.