The Division of Marketing & Communications is an adaptive, high performing, innovative, reliable, responsive and sustainable organization with strong leadership, shared values and employees committed to advancing the goals and priorities of the university. As a trusted partner and reliable resource in service to other university divisions, the Division of Marketing & Communications will operate a comprehensive, coordinated program of marketing and communications that will enhance the University of Georgia’s recognition as one of America’s best public research institutions of higher education. This will be achieved by:

  • Providing professional expertise, services and resources of the highest quality to support the development and implementation of mission-critical institutional policies and programs.
  • Taking steps to initiate an intentional, coordinated marketing program aimed at cementing the university's position as a leading national research institution.
  • Gathering and disseminating accurate, timely, intriguing information that will help create and build positive attitudes and actions regarding the university among its various audiences.
  • Striving for a level of excellence in all operations and products that other commuication offices will want to emulate.
  • Creating a comfortable, supportive working climate for Marketing & Communications staff that encourages and rewards creativity, diligence, cooperation, enterprise and shared responsibility.