Web-based News Services

The University of Georgia Web site (uga.edu) allows opportunities for the University to promote information relevant to those who visit the site as well as provide another mechanism by which UGA news is made available to its audiences.  The top portion of the home page contains features that appropriately reflect one of the University's strategic communications themes: teaching, research and service.

Other key news information areas on the home page include UGA News where major news is highlighted; An Events tab, which leads to major events (with wide audience appeal); and "Amazing Students," "Focus on Faculty" and "Discover UGA," which provides interesting information about programs, activities and students at UGA. Web-based services are performed in accordance with the following policies:

  • The home page top feature should be updated twice weekly during the academic year and once weekly during the summer and class breaks.
  • Items posted to the UGA home page must be approved by the Web content editor, public relations coordinators in the News Service, the News Service director or the Vice President for the Division of Marketing and Communications.
  • UGA's top feature, news box, "Amazing Students," "Focus on Faculty" and "Discover UGA" sections of the home page must contain an image that helps tell the story.
  • The home page news box should be updated with interesting news releases frequently and breaking news as appropriate.
  • Events are selected from the Master Calendar or may be submitted to the Web content editor at least two weeks in advance of the event.
  • Priority posting is given to events that are free or low cost and have a general audience appeal.
  • All UGA news releases are archived at news.uga.edu
  • "In the news" items are updated daily with news summaries from eGaMorning.
  • Construction and other advisories are posted as necessary when submissions are received from various UGA departments or from the Master Calendar.