Web Site Development and Design

The University of Georgia's presence on the World Wide Web is essential to its mission of teaching, research and public service.  Web pages on the Internet are the preferred source of information for many individuals, and the University's Web pages are the first and only view of the University of Georgia community for many people.  UGA Web pages need to reflect the values of the University including respect for intellectual property, respect for individual privacy, the need to make information available to everyone without regard to disability, the need to support open public dialogue and respect for the law.  Thus, the Division of Marketing & Communications Web policy's standards and guidelines:

  • Support the vision, mission, goals and academic values of the University;
  • Assist campus Web developers and publishers in developing sites that comply with University policies, rules and regulations and local, state and federal laws;
  • Facilitate the official business of the University and enable appropriate online transactions.

The News Service provides services that are analogous to those that are provided by other units of the Division of Marketing & Communications. These services are provided in compliance with the order of priority followed by other Marketing and Communications units -- the Office of the President, the senior administration including the Office of the Provost, vice presidents and deans, and other campus units as production schedules allow.

  • Designers in the Web Group produce Columns and support the design and Web development needs of the News Service. The group also designs, develops and maintains the University of Georgia's home site and second-level pages, and designs, develops and maintains other designated digital communication products for the Division of Marketing & Communications including:
    • Columns
    • Visitors Center
    • Master Calendar
    • WUGA
    • Crisis Communications
    • Safe and Secure
    • Georgia Magazine
    • The UGA Style Guide
    • The UGA Identity

Overall responsibilities of the Web group include:

  • Developing and designing websites
  • Integrating invested technologies into Web-based applications for content management and delivery
  • Investigating and implementing emerging technologies
  • Suggesting, supporting and implementing campus-wide solutions
  • Providing in-house training
  • Establishing a forum for campus Web developers & IT personnel to share resources, training opportunities and expertise
  • Making online products available for use by other campus units to enhance their online capabilities, reduce redundancy of effort and save the University money

The Group also performs the following services:

  • Management, information architecture, taxonomy, graphic design selection, usability testing and content training and review
  • Oversight of all new Web content as it pertains to established policies and practices
  • Coordination of divisional inclusion into the University website and the content reorganization across departments
  • Guidance to division content managers and leadership to the content teams
  • Management and oversight of the development and implementation of Web content policy, procedures, standards and style guide
  • Collaboration with content teams and division content managers to institute best practices
  • Maintenance of all upper level pages
  • Annual "certification" that the information on the University's website is current and accurate
  • Provision of monthly Web tracking, assessment and analytics reports

The following policies and guidelines apply to digital communication products designed, developed and maintained by the Web group in the Division of Marketing & Communications News Service including, but not limited to, Web pages, E-newsletters and material placed on a website, including graphics.