We created a new website to centralize the important resources UGA offers and then worked to make those existing resources easily available to business and community leaders across Georgia.


The refresh of the university’s academic logo and brand brought an opportunity to also define some key brand messaging for campus communicators and others to use. Economic Vitality is the brand message that helps raise awareness of the University of Georgia’s vast resources and programs that are dedicated to stimulating economic development in the state of Georgia and beyond.


This campaign began by developing a unique look, feel and language in a campaign style guide. From this style guide, we began building the Economic Vitality website to showcase the many resources the university offers. Once the site was live, the campaign pivoted to connecting people to the resources that best serve them. We developed a media plan to digitally target business leaders.


During the 3-month campaign, we generated 2,971,350 impressions across Georgia. Display and Facebook ads generated 82% of the total impressions. These impressions generated 1,150 clicks and 113 conversions, all of which helped business and community leaders gain access to the resources UGA offers.