We created a new website to host feature stories on scholars across UGA’s campuses and the life-changing research they’re doing.


UGA research has garnered hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants from federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, businesses and industry, and state and local governments. Our research has also helped launch more than 675 products into the marketplace. But until 2017, there was no centralized location for feature stories on UGA research. There also was no branded approach to sharing research stories from the university.


We created a brand appropriate but adaptable website to host stories about researchers across UGA colleges and schools. Out of three overarching research categories—healthier people, a more secure future, and stronger communities—we narrowed most UGA research down to nine Great Commitment categories to better express the themes uniting our research enterprise: solutions for deadly diseases, improving public health, and longer, healthier lives; a dependable food supply, viable land and waterways, and cyber and global security; and effective leadership, community vitality and stronger families, respectively.

We then created a plan to use our owned channels to promote the research stories and gain awareness of the work we’re doing to improve the world.


Our Great Commitment’s website officially launched in January 2018 with 14 stories spanning the three big picture categories. We continued to add more stories over the next year and scheduled at least one new story per month. In its first six months, the website garnered more than 18,000 page views and over 10,000 unique sessions, with A More Secure Future and Healthier People being our most popular story categories.