The 2019 annual report, Shaping Our Future, illustrates the University of Georgia’s impact near and far. With this report we continue to tell the exceptional story of UGA’s teaching, research and service missions and showcase how our commitment to those missions improve our state and our world.


With this report, we created strong messages and visually-appealing assets that demonstrated the exciting pace of UGA’s positive forward momentum, targeted towards the UGA family of donors, civic leaders, alumni, faculty, donors, and academic peers. The aim was to increase awareness of institutional initiatives and progress.


Shaping Our Future boldly highlighted UGA’s teaching, teaching and service missions, focusing on the impact of our enterprise near and far. A future-focused design was developed for the report paired with the strategic delivery of the President’s message through the website, video and social tactics, illustrated through powerful imagery, narrative and infographics.


The president’s annual report reached over 140,000 stakeholders on social; the online report had over 12,000 page views; and the video had over 14,000 views. Overall engagement was up 28 percent over the last year.