Advertising revenue plays a crucial role in providing options that improve the overall quality of Georgia Magazine. Specifically,  revenue from advertising funds freelance writing, photography and illustration. Because advertising cannot exceed more than 25 percent of the pages in any issue, the magazine must aggressively maximize ad revenue potential.

Advertising placed by units of the University of Georgia that are not part of the Division of Marketing & Communications will be charged the standard, published advertising rates.

Advertising placed by units within the Division of Marketing & Communications (“in-house ads”) will receive a 25% rate discount for ads running on inside pages.  These ads are counted as part of the 25 percent limit on advertising in each issue.

The two Division units that advertise most heavily in the magazine are the Division of Development and Alumni Relations. For each issue, the director from the Division of Development and Alumni Relations will be notified in a timely fashion of the deadline schedule to secure advertising space. He or she will be notified of the date by which they must inform the ad manager of space allotment for the coming issue; the  date by which copy is due for ads the magazine staff is designing; and the date by which ads are due.

Due to the need to maintain consistent advertising percentage content within the magazine and to reserve the majority of such available space for paid advertising, internal Division advertising will be allocated as follows:

  • The Division of Development and Alumni Relations will be allocated one page of ad space each per issue. (Due to current market conditions, Development has agreed to rotate a print ad or an inserted reply envelope.)
  • Allotted space can be divided into separate ads (1/6, 1/3, 1/2 or full page) as desired by the Division of Development and Alumni Relations. If they wish to use a portion of their space for an ad for some other University unit, they may do so, but must notify the advertising manager as early as possible in the process.
  • Any upgrading of, or addition to, this free ad space for the Division of Development and Alumni Relations will be paid on the same rate schedule as commercial ads.

The Division of Marketing & Communications clients will not be charged a design fee for ads.

Outside companies that provide alumni and development services (such as tour company and credit card providers) will be encouraged to buy space where appropriate, but it will be left to the Division of Development and Alumni Relations to determine the advantages and disadvantages of allowing these companies to have free space under their department’s allotment.

Magazine staff will provide advice, suggestions, guidance and consultation as requested by the Division of Development and Alumni Relations.

Ad rates will be subject to periodic review and change as expected increases in circulation take effect. The advertising manager will be allowed some flexibility in negotiating rates. Flexibility is necessary to reward multiple insertion sales, lure new advertisers, appease an unhappy client and to quickly fill empty space from a canceled advertiser. Advertisers who cancel after signing the insertion contract will be billed for the full, agreed-upon fee.

Artwork for advertising must be received by published deadlines for ads to appear in the stated issue. Final approval of ads will be given by the Vice President for Marketing & Communications. Ads for tobacco and alcohol products, sex videos, condoms, or other subject matter deemed unsuitable for the magazine’s audience will not accepted. Advertisers with ads deemed unacceptable due to appearance will be given the option of redesign by the magazine staff for a $100 fee in addition to the insertion cost.

Bills for payment will be issued with a printed tearsheet of each ad. Clients with past due accounts will not be allowed to run additional ads until full payment is received, including a late fee charge, expressed as a percentage of the amount due.