Banners on Light Poles

Signage on campus is limited and strictly regulated, but the light poles on the university campus have been outfitted to display banners to communicate news about events, celebrations and commemorations.

Georgia Magazine

Georgia Magazine is the flagship print publication of the University of Georgia, the birthplace of public higher education in America.

Links to Websites

The university allows links to its website for educational or informational purposes.

Master Calendar

The complete Master Calendar includes events and activities that are open to the general public and sponsored by, or affiliated with, a university unit or registered student organization or are held at a university facility.

News Communications

The primary source for UGA news and information is the UGA Today news center website, which is updated daily with news from communications professionals across campus.

Open Records

The Division of Marketing & Communications is responsible for administering the university’s compliance with the Georgia Open Records Act.

Outdoor Temporary Signage

This policy outlines the guidelines for the use of outdoor temporary signage by University of Georgia departments and units.

Social Media

UGA faculty and staff are encouraged to engage in professional social media conversations that support UGA’s reputation and brand.

Speaking for the Institution

The official university spokesperson conveys institutional policies, positions and decisions to the public and also responds to media inquiries about the official actions and communications of the institution.

Student Film Guidelines

Guidelines detailing how and when students may use University of Georgia property for the purpose of producing and filming course-related projects.


The University of Georgia and the University of Georgia Athletic Association manage the licensing, usage and protection of the academic and athletic trademarks held and registered by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia and the University of Georgia Athletic Association.

UGA Alerts/Crisis Communication

The Office of Security and Emergency Preparedness, EITS and the Division of Marketing & Communications are jointly responsible for developing web-based crisis communication strategies.

Website Disclaimers

All University of Georgia websites are required to affix a disclaimer statement on each web page in such websites.