At the University of Georgia, we hold a special place in history as the first state-chartered institution of public higher education. We are working to honor our place in history as we look to the future.


With the refresh of the university’s academic logo and brand came the opportunity to define some key brand messages that define who we are as an institution. Our birthplace campaign celebrates the impact our innovative thinking has made throughout history and continues today.


We began by creating a new messaging campaign with a unique look and feel that would have both historic and modern visual elements. We then developed assets (including a “birthplace” graphic) for a phased approach to integrate birthplace language into our brand narrative across campus and throughout our various channels in order to build pride internally and gain support externally for UGA. The first phase of integration focused on the UGA family: students and their families, faculty, staff and administration. The second phase focused on the extended family of UGA: donors, alumni, lawmakers, employers and Georgia residents.


Our birthplace campaign reached a direct audience of more than 7.3 million people through the web, printed materials, earned media and social media. Additionally, the birthplace narrative has quickly become the go-to message for students, faculty, staff and supporters to describe University of Georgia and has been mentioned by everyone from our university president and the athletic director to student leaders and alumni.