Strong associations for the marketing and communications profession exist to elevate performance and exchange best practices. Here are the key groups and associations that the Division of Marketing & Communications encourages our community’s participation.

Campus Web Developers (DWEEBs)

Professionals across campus who provide internal and external access to university marketing content and messaging via the web.

Creative Summit Group (UGA CS)

Graphic artists and designers responsible for the visual expression of university branding and communications.

Digital Marketing Group

Marketers across campus who manage, create or write for all things digital — email, websites, social media, SEO/SEM, etc.

Magazine Communicators (Pub Club)

Campus editors, writers, and designers who are dedicated to producing UGA’s print and electronic publications.

Research Communicators

Campus professionals responsible for marketing and communications related to research in the humanities, arts and sciences.

Social Media Users Group (SMUG)

Social media professionals at UGA who seek to improve the quality of university communications across all social platforms.